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“Designing a room is all about layering – adding layer upon layer, just as you would in creating a beautiful fashion ensemble, ending with just the right jewelry!”

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What is your name and what is your role with Hart White Interiors?

To use an architectural term, the cornerstone is the key element of a building under construction, from the depths of the foundation to the rooftop. Everything aligns from the cornerstone.

I’m Kirsten Hart White, and my role as cornerstone is reflected in every aspect of Hart White Interiors. I am an interior designer who grew up in the beautiful, mountainous Ashe County area of North Carolina. I was brought up in traditional surroundings where the importance of home and family were taught from an early age. I have always loved design and home furnishings and as the principal designer and owner of Hart White Interiors, I love getting to know my clients, in order to accurately define their individual lifestyles. It’s my job to understand how you live and what’s important to you so that at the end of the day, your home is your haven from a busy world. Whether I’m designing a family’s primary residence, a vacation home, a business condo in the city, a room with a view or a home of one’s own, I create comfort, practicality and elegance, regardless of your style preference. When I developed principles and practices, that serve as my model for running a successful business, I recognized that most clients appreciate detailed communication and an idea of the cost and time involved with their project—up front. As a result, I formulated an easy step-by-step process, offering planning, a projected cost analysis and a projected finish date that serves as a roadmap for expectation, from beginning to completion. This early attention to the business aspect of a design project bodes well for my clients and my company. After plans are in place and agreed upon, my client becomes a partner in the process who will then become the recipient of innovative solutions, ideas and resourcing. I can help you design your custom interior spaces through the design phase of new construction or through space planning and renovation of existing spaces, saving you time and costly errors.

Tell me a little about the history of Hart White Interiors.

As a student of design and subsequently as a practicing interior designer, I always knew that one day I would have my own business. Prior to beginning my career in the home furnishings industry nearly a decade ago, I first gained my degree from Western Carolina University where I majored in interior design and architecture. Now, after ten years’ experience as an interior designer, I have built a clientele of professional men and women from all over the world, many of whom came to North Carolina due to the state’s reputation for being a premier design resource as well as being the home furnishings capital of the world. I continually study home furnishings market trends, including fabric design, color forecasts and the contract design market for the latest in innovative and beautiful products. My business allows me to expand my client base by carefully crafting my schedule to reflect the best interests of my clients and my own time. I enjoy traveling and increasing my knowledge of the wide range of cultures within the United States and around the world and I am keenly aware of and committed to our need to be environmentally responsible.

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What makes Hart White Interiors different from other design firms?

Hart White Interiors offers a methodical operation of smooth and easy project flow from
beginning to end, whether the design site is in the United States or throughout the world. Due to our simple but comprehensive process, we are extremely resourceful, which allows us the time management and the momentum to be good at what we do. Our clients laud our attention to detail because their lives are simplified and freed from constant decision-making, after the design concept has been finalized.

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Why are you passionate about helping your customers?

As the owner of Hart White Interiors, I am driven by my passion for bringing style and value to those who seek it. I am dedicated to my business because I love what I do. I meet people who want to create the home of their dreams but have no idea how to achieve such a seemingly complicated endeavor. I help lead them through the maze of choices in the design world and allay the confusion about quality in home furnishings. I hone in on their needs, personal preferences, likes and dislikes and how they envision what will be happening in the rooms I’m helping them create. It’s very gratifying to turn over a design project to a client who will enjoy their home more, due to my participation in their creative process. Their surroundings will be a reflection of the way they live their lives.


What is the special offer that you’re offering new customers?

My pledge to new clients is to hold their dream of a well-designed home, as a priority of my focus for as long as we work together. We will navigate uncertain paths together and bring the voyage of uncertainty to a beautiful destination. Hart White Interiors works as the guiding partner between the homeowner and their architect and builder; or, in a renovation, between the homeowner and the contractor. New clients never need wonder what to expect or fear next, due to our detailed outlay of their project from start to finish.


Why will I love my first experience with Hart White Interiors?

In a world that often seems impersonal, largely because of the digital age in which we live, you will feel my attention to your project and my love of my profession, from our first encounter. My goal in working with you, (whether we agree on a comprehensive job or a simple project requiring only one design service), is that by project’s end, you will love me as your designer! I am very competent in my work and creatively proficient in designing your ideal space. We transform your home into a place where you love to spend time and in which you are proud to entertain.