Hart White Interiors is a full-service interior design firm. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, we serve clients all over the world. We offer a step-by-step customized package designed to lead you through your home or commercial project, utilizing a comprehensive design program that includes a variety of services. We access resources and connections on your behalf that are most often “to the trade” only, to help our clients achieve their lifestyle preferences. Packages can be customized based on your design goals, budget and availability of new property.

Starting with the first consultation, we listen to you. Through conversation and communication, we learn what you want to achieve and come up with a start-to-finish approach. From conceptual development to final installation, no matter the scale of your project, Hart White Interiors gently guides you through your process. We have a keen sense of detail and use our years of experience to create solutions for your interior design needs. Kirsten Hart White attributes her success to her personalized service, her ability to create designs that capture her client’s vision and to her passion for helping others enhance their lifestyles. While working with Hart White Interiors, you will experience custom home design made easy. Whether you are remodeling a classic home or building a new one, we can assist you. We streamline processes such as consulting with architects and/or contractors, helping with interior layouts, making material selections and specifications, and more. Hart White Interiors provides quality design service, delivering timeless designs that withstand the test of time.

Full Interior Design Service

After making a selection to contract with Hart White Interiors, we are keenly aware of the scale of your interior spaces. Appropriate size relationships in furniture must compliment architectural scale and features of a room. Likewise, if furnishings are too big for a space, they can create the adverse cohesion which becomes an annoying experience and realization of a costly mistake. When considering an out-of-balance size relationship, our trained eye will allow us to point out whether the cause and effect of an object that we see is inappropriate, justifies the space, expense and usefulness of its being – or whether it needs to GO!

We see a common trend in western culture and especially in the United States, to reflect a love of all things grand – high ceilings, rafters, balconies, terraces and multiple floors for a variety in human encounter among the age groups of a single family; young kids, teenagers, adults and perhaps a parent who has come to live – or more likely, a college graduate who has never left home! This grand space is all blessed luxury but failing to understand the scale with which furniture appointments and the scale of accessories must follow is a leading design omission. Like the accessories to your clothing wardrobe, appropriate accessorizing in an interior design installation is the magic final touch that ties everything together and makes your own personal statement. Our key element of discerning compatible scale is a beginning observation that gives us a springboard for decision-making to follow. We work with clients on everything from a single room design, to a group of rooms, or an entire home or office space.


Renovation & New Construction Design

A permanent part of any design project is the architecture – because it’s built right into the house or building. In a renovation, interior architectural features may be extended, changed or demolished. In the case of historic property, if renovating for National Register qualification, research is needed prior to commencement of the project, to comply with the history and pedigree of previous generations and occupants – all very interesting, exciting and possibly very time-consuming.

In the modernization of most houses, whose original owner lived at a different time in our
history, (even if it was only thirty years ago), a blank canvas can be an opportunity to thoroughly explore the possibilities for a bold approach or to really capture a spectacular view. New elements such as man-made stone, bamboo flooring, computer-controlled security and lighting and incredible bathroom fixtures, just to name a few, offer updated looks that are completely functional and life-enhancing.

We work with clients, builders and contractors. Projects range from a one room renovation to an entire home or office building. Depending on the room, selections can include layout, space planning, paint, flooring, countertops, tile, cabinetry, moldings, purchase of furnishings, installation and custom enhancements.


Color Consultation

Color is our most potent renovating tool and is perhaps the least expensive. Just as in
fashion, colors come and go, being in vogue for a while before it recedes and has time to work its way around to being preferred again. This trendy nature of color reminds us of the beautiful gift of Mother Nature, where we can never go wrong, taking our lead from her. Because color is emotional rather than rational, our own color preferences change over time. Shelter magazines help predict color forecasts and conduct focus groups to discover trends. We see the same colors that appear on fashion runways also appear at the International Home Furnishings Market, usually in October, as colors are predicted for the next year. It’s always fascinating to anticipate next year’s colors when we attend the fall furniture market. The home furnishings industry is influenced by the economy, society and politics in the areas of fabric design, color combinations and accessory preferences.

Technology has brought us a long way in the wide range of colors we enjoy and take us far from the primary red, yellow, blue colors of the color wheel. A visit to any paint store for paint selection can be overwhelming to the untrained eye, with one look at the thousands of choices in chrome shades, metallic or cameo finishes and a dizzying array of variations of green. Unless you enjoy this, and we DO, simplify your life and make it easy on yourself. Let us select a few choices based on our knowledge of your needs and present them for your approval of just the right one. We analyze colors, combinations of colors and the effects of color temperature in a room creating a deliberate ambiance.