“By the end of our project, I want you to love me as your interior designer!”

The Hart White Philosophy

All design projects begin with a visionary whose passion is the execution of a concept that may become a work of art. We don’t use templates nor standardized procedures at Hart White Interiors because we are perfecting the art of bespoke luxury. Led by Kirsten Hart White, our business stands for the same core principles of value, excellence and practicality that guide our lives. We will dig deeply, in order to know and serve our clients, creating concepts in timeless style that will withstand the test of time. Because design, like much of life is in constant transition, we will continue our use of technology to accelerate efficiency and decision-making. Our purpose, goals and intentions are to take the guesswork out of a design project and make the experience pleasurable, even fun, for our clients. Simply put, our philosophy: Make it Easy on Yourself!

Why Hart White Interiors?

The Hart White design culture honors concept first, which is derived from the discovery stage of planning. Kirsten White is an ALLIED member of ASID and a certified member of NKBA.

Because we are passionately engaged in creativity, we love being part of meaningful work. Our design projects allow us the opportunity to improve homes, offices and public spaces and to continue being stimulated by an ever-changing marketplace, that intrigues us with new products and ideas.

We keep abreast of trends, style, changing color palettes and technology by attending the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, North Carolina twice each year. Yearly buying trips to New York, Dallas and Atlanta provide additional opportunities to expand our resources and contacts and to visit showrooms and trade shows in other areas of fashion besides home furnishings. Yes, furniture is a fashion business, not unlike couture, in the colors, ornamentation and cultural influences that are fashionable at any particular time. Our eyes are trained to distinguish between what is timeless and what is simply trendy. Because we have studied interior design and architecture, we have a learned sensitivity to beauty, in elements large and small, such as elegant faucets or lighting, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, something as comprehensive as large-scale architecture. The bottom line is that we save you time because we know the home furnishings marketplace.

In addition, we do the heavy lifting for you as you live your own life, while your new space is becoming a reality! For example, instead of spending time agonizing over furniture or fabric selections, we can select what best fits your home and style and have the credentials to make purchases from trade-only vendors. Your approval will be based on sound design principles and practices, eliminating costly mistakes.

Why a Designer?

Any object, especially an object of desire that is well designed aesthetically or functionally, comes from the mind of a designer. Sometimes we feel there’s a mediocrity of design when we see anything that does not optimally match the use of the space it occupies – and we see homes whose occupants are visually unaware of the aesthetics of their surroundings. Kirsten White has a passion for bringing order and function to homes, thereby rescuing you from being labeled “aesthetically challenged!” Some of the nicest people provide the worst clutter as they layer on disparate stuff, not even realizing they’re doing it. By comprehending your lifestyle and your needs, Hart White Interiors creates the caliber of design that will make you proud to open your home, welcoming friends and family to the joys of order.

The quest for order in our world is greatly influenced by political and social forces that we, for the most part, can only watch happen. It is important to examine the impact of global social evolution and how technology has changed our lives. Still, we can change our own space and influence the lives of those with whom we share that space, in spite of the fact that there is no national awareness of design, good or bad. So, as individuals, we must take up the charge to get help when we need it. At Hart White Interiors, there is no such thing as losing one’s own individuality by working with a designer. Kirsten Hart White is the visionary who can bring your thoughts, your ideas and your preferences into a cohesive presentation of order. We must never be so focused on “solution,” as to forget to pay attention to the detail of quality. And we must not be so cost-conscious that we mistakenly associate good design with unnecessary frills!

When the great engineer, L’Enfant (1754-1825), designed the basic plan for the city of Washington, DC, he paid homage to space and harmony. What followed were small, New England towns that reflected a cohesive appearance and subsequently, the American Colonial style, reflected in our early grand estates all along the east coast. Form Follows Function, to use a term to describe 19th and 20th century architecture and design, meant that the shape of a building or object should primarily relate to its intended function or purpose. (Wikipedia). We’ve come a long way since colonial times (and thankfully so) but the same quest for welcoming hearth and home remains a grounding quest for family unity in a more modern way. At Hart White Interiors we recognize quality – or the lack of! Having contractors come back on separate occasions to adjust mistakes or omissions can add up quickly. Well-designed space planning will increase your property value whether or not you are considering re-sale. After your home’s transformation and you’ve reached the home stretch of a renovation, your response to house seekers will be “NOT FOR SALE!”

Being a known professional in the heart of furniture country, we bring you the world of design through a trained eye. We bring you professional assessment of whether an item is right or wrong for your space and we bring you the confidence that you are making good decisions.