Do personal acquaintances or friendships, recommendations or approval of one’s previous work have any bearing on design?

ANS: Quite a Lot.

The solid recommendation of a previous client can go a long way in determining whether you want to take a leap of faith and engage someone you haven’t even met, in the process of helping craft the way you live. Recognition and affirmation is important to Hart White Interiors. It’s essential that we’re aware of all critique; however, we work to ensure that any potential problems are ironed out during the project progression so that by the time you write a review and/or recommendation, you’ll want to convey nothing but praise.

By all means, take the time to share your thoughts and specific ways in which good design has enhanced your life. You will be guiding those who follow you by giving them the opportunity to read how your life, perhaps complicated with design challenges, was simplified. By sharing your experience with Hart White Interiors, you will become part of the reason why Kirsten White is so passionate about interior design. Hart White Interiors thanks you for your consideration.

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