Kirsten is the founder of the best interior designer Charlotte NC, Hart White Interiors. The way that she likes to see herself as a cornerstone which is a architectural term. The cornerstone is the key elements to build any building. It’s the key elements to create the foundation of the rooftop. So she thinks that everything aligns from the cornerstone. She graduated from Western Carolina University where she major in interior design and architecture. And has been training along the years. Some of the training that she has received giving her 10 years of experience is furnishing market trends, fabric design and color forecasts.

Because she likes to offer the best interior designer Charlotte NC, she provides an outstanding service. In order to accomplish this, she creates a step-by-step customized package that includes the clients patience and desires to complete the dream project. The key to the company is that she likes the customer to feel heard, which is why she tries to build a relationship with the customer in order to understand the goals, budget and even our availability of the new project. She ensures that you as a customer will be part of the process in every way from the smallest detail to the last results of the project.

As the best interior designer Charlotte NC, Hart White Interiors offers a high quality process and results. The clients the company guarantees that you will have a professional and creative results while having fun or along the process. Interior designing process should it be a stressful thing for customer, they should enjoy the choices made in the details added to the results. We are a company that is passionate about designing a building, which is why we try to provide a top-notch customer service. We commit and pay attention to every detail of every project that we work on. We put effort to understand your wants, needs and how you want to use the space and creating a gorgeous and functional result.

We like that every process is personable and professional, as well as dedicated to the project to exceed your dreams. We promise an organized, thoughtful and easy process so that you can confidently believe on our design services. We keep up with the design trends while keeping traditional, transitional or mother styles. Our style and vision provided to every clients is a five star service. We can take our staff works with excellence in an exquisite taste that will make your house look completely different place, by adding creative and smart.

If you’re interested to start a service or a interior design process with us, you can call our phone number part 828-310-0340 are numbered. Will be glad to hear back from you, and answer any questions that you might have. You can also go to our website to check more of our services as well as a extensive portfolio with password that we have done. If you are ready to start a service, you can fill out your information so that we can contact you as soon as we can. We want to bring your most wildest dreams and vision to life.

What Makes The Best Interior Designer Charlotte Nc Choices?


You can expect from the best interior designer Charlotte NC the best customer service. Would like to see ourselves as the customer-based company, who listens carefully to the desires of our customers. We offer a full service interior design service that we feel all of your visions and dreams. They step to step out design programs that will help us to personalize your process as much as we can. We take the time the company to know you and your desires in order for us to fulfill that mission that you have in mind. You can expect, that you will be involved in every aspect of the process. Also we guarantee a quality design service that will deliver a withstand the test of time. The company we make sure that we are with the latest trends, as well as adding traditional styles to it.

The best interior designer Charlotte NC offers a full interior design service, which is basically reorganizing everything in your house. This may sound like a easy process, but we make sure that your room looks drastically change. You would be surprised how moving the furniture or adding and even moving a piece of art or the smallest detail, will make the change. We are here to create innovative results, so that you can be happy with the outcome. This type of process, balance is everything out in the room from the furniture to the arts, avoiding you costly mistakes by buying the wrong piece of art. We want to make ourselves as usable as possible

The best interior designer Charlotte NC, we also offer the renovation and new construction design. This is a more complete service, since we renovate everything in your house! We move around preacher, a new artwork in accessories, to making your house more modern. How we do this? We take it off the flooring, security and lining in any features that will creates the difference in your house. We basically are trying to modernize your house by adding creative and modern elements that will make your room and house looking hands. What we offer with this service is to look to update your house so we can be completely functional and life enhancing.

As for the budget, we offer a color consultation service, that is one of our least expensive services, and it goes more of the fashion of the color in your house and what will make everything to look smoothly. The color selection is very important because color change chains as well as preferences. Which is why it is a matter if you want a neutral palette or a mobile color palette, we are here to make you choose the best options that you can. We analyze the colors, the combination and contrast that will have in your house as well as the effects that can create in your stuff.

You are interested in getting our services you can contact us through our website by filling out your information and will be contacting you soon. If you want a more direct contact with us, you can call our phone number part number. Will be glad to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We’re here to make your dream home into reality.