Here at Hart White Interiors we want to help you achieve your Interior Designer Charlotte NC goals no matter how big or small your design project. Our mission is to achieve our clients start-to-finish goals on their interior design projects all while building long-term trusting relationships with them. We can help in any project as little a single room design or full home design. Whether you are renovating a house or building a house we can help with either one of those projects or any size interior design project between. We want to turn your house into a home.

You will be happy to know here at Interior Designer Charlotte NC we provide the most elegant design and timeless style for your home. With our renovation designs we provide changes in the house or building architecturally by adding on or changing the architecture of the home. This could mean adding rooms taking rooms out or even changing the layout of the rooms. We try to keep our outlook as a blank canvas so that way we have the opportunities to take a more bold approach whether that be through paint, flooring, or even fixtures. We also try to take in consideration space planning project management finish selection and custom furnishings to go along with your home.

With Interior Designer Charlotte NC always listen to you through conversation and communication, and be sure to make sure that your goals are going to be met during the renovations. This is important to us all from the start with the first consultation. While with our clients and listening to their goals, we try to make the home designs made easy. We take into consideration the size of the furniture versus the scale of the room because we like balance and think that is very important to keep the timeless sound elegant design that you will love in your home.

Hart White Interiors is not just for interior design with custom build/renovations, but we also take in consideration the furnishings and styling the renovations are done. We are committed to making sure our customers are pleased with the outcome of their new home. We are the highest and most reviewed interior designer in Charlotte, North Carolina and we would really enjoy the opportunity of helping you create your dream home design. Our clients enjoy this experience with us because we are thorough precise and efficient.

Hart White Interiors is the place where you should start your interior design journey. We strive to have an experience that is their precise and efficient. Past experiences with our clients in all of the reviews that have left will not disappoint you. If you will be interested at all in the near future for redesigning your home or renovating your home don’t hesitate to look at our website for real reviews from our amazing former clients at or call (828) 310-0340 for estimates or to start your interior design journey. You will be able to know that this is a place that you can mightily enjoy anytime and every time.

Interior Designer Charlotte NC

With Interior Designer Charlotte NC, our goals are to make a custom home design made easy whether you are remodeling your home or building an entire new one I promise we can assist you with your needs and you’ll be happy with our services we have to offer. Starting with our first consultation our main goal is to listen to you and your wants and needs that way we can continue to achieve your main goal throughout the entire project. We want to make your dream interior design goals come alive.

Here at Interior Designer Charlotte NC, we strive to bring additional functionality by creating elegant designs and was now in every home we go to. We strive to turn houses into homes by providing full-service interior design which include room designs renovations and full home designs. Our mission is creating long-term relationship with our clients and gain trust through our start-to-finish approach, all while maintaining clear communication throughout the project with the client. We listen, understand, and implement your dream design. We also take into consideration now leave the architecture of the property, but also everything inside the home whether it is flooring, light fixtures, paint, or even making sure furniture matches the atmosphere of the home.

Interior Designer Charlotte NC will continue to please our customers by leading them through the project step-by-step in having the customer play a role in the interior design process. They will help pick the package that they would like which can be fully customized based on your design goals and budget. Kirsten Hart White, the founder of the company, loves getting to know her clients in recognizes that they appreciate detail communication. She believes the happiness and how happy you are about the interior design of your home is very important. To see what’s important about us, because these designs are going to make sure that you’re happy at the end of the day.

Hart White Interiors takes into consideration the size of the room and the space they have to complement the rest of the home with furniture, fixtures, etc. regardless of the taste you have in interior design, Hart White Interiors can make your goals a reality. We have dedication and experience with a strong understanding of project management to get the job done. We also have a five star rating with the achievement of highest and most reviewed interior designer in Charlotte, North Carolina. We specialize in luxury residential design but we can help with any project as small as a single room to an entire home. No job is too big or too small.

Interior design plays a huge role in feeling confident about your home. We love designing dream homes and love hearing people’s reviews after the results. You will be pleased with the hard work that we put into your house and make it home and there wouldn’t be another business that would be better to make your interior design dreams a reality. Check out to read some of our reviews or call (828) 310-0340 to talk with someone about your next project.