Hart White Interiors is an interior designer Charlotte NC, that has a very particular way of describing what interior design is. Everything of this company in front of the name to the services, make this company so different from the competitors. Hart White Interiors was created by Kirten Hart White that likes to present herself as a ” cornerstone”. She said that in the architectural terms key element when creating any construction, and that from there everything aligns. Kirsten says that her role as a cornerstone is reflected in every aspect of the company. Kirsten explains how even from an early age she has always been into interior designing and decoration.

As an interior designer Charlotte NC, the company offers a full interior design service. We know there are many competitors in the market, but Hart White Interiors is very conscious of the scale of your interior spaces. We like to work with what you have, so this way the process will be not only be easier but a little cheaper. All the plans and layouts that we are going to provide are going to be size appropriate. From the furnish that will complement the architectural scale to every characteristic and details of the room. We try to have a cohesion between the space and everything that will be set up in the room.

To be consider as an interior designer Charlotte NC we must also provide a renovation and new construction design, which we do. This is a more permanent style of project in the architecture. Were not only changing the design of a place, and accommodating everything else into the room. But we are extending, changing and even demolishing if needed to create a different place, that will work on recognizable. These renovations usually happen when the house has not been owned by you all the time, or you have had it for a long time and just want to have renovations any new construction around. Whatever the reason is, we’re going to provide an high-quality service with high quality elements.

If you’re trying to enter house such as bamboo flooring, computer control security and lining, incredible bathroom fixtures or demolishing to create a new rule. Hart White Interiors is the right choice. We want the customer to be happy, therefore your voice matters. We want you to feel comfortable in your own house, after a date of work you will be in peace to be in your dream house. No matter how big or even small the renovation is, will do it for you. We do projects from just one room renovation to an entire home or even office building. We will inspect every room, to make the right selections and will go over you to what or what not to include.

If you are interested in our optional and high quality services to our website hartwhiteinteriors.com, and even read more about some other services that we do. We highly encourage you to read more about our company, since we want you to know as better. We want to make a difference among a VAST field, where we stand out from our professional work. If you want to contact our team directly you can also call our phone number 828-310-0340. You will be gladly answering any questions or concerns that you might have. We’re here to make you happy and bring your dream home and life.

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We are an interior designer Charlotte NC, located in Charlotte, North Carolina were we not only serve local clients for clients from all over the world. We like to start my offer step-by-step customized packages that will be a design of your home or even a commercial project that included a variety of services. We ensure that we will provide what you’ve always wanted, will listen to you. We like to base our company with communication, this way you learned from us and we are learning of what you like and what you don’t. At the end of the day where a company pays trying to bring your desires back into life. We want that whenever you come back to your house you feel safe and comfortable in it. We are professionals in the field, and even though we’re going to hear your ideas with our past experience were going to guide you to bringing your dream home and to life.

As an interior designer Charlotte NC we offer a great color consultation service. We like to see that we are professionals when it comes to color consultation. This is the most part renovation tool, you’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes the color of your walls, furniture and even the slightest details can make your home look from a boring room to a colorful and stylish one. Color brings the pop and accentuates parts of your house that need to be accentuated. We understand that we are in a world that trends are created every day. That is why we tried to do a house that will move along the way with trends not are going on and that will come. The only trends change, even our preferences due to jewelry going to choose you to make the west decision when it comes to color.

Our interior designer Charlotte NC also provides the services of full interior design and renovation and new construction. These two services eye different for each other, but they are with made with the same purpose. We want to look your room amazing and unrecognizable. We understand that sometimes the budget is not the most adequate to do so. Or even sometimes we’re renting a place where we cannot do changes such as demolishing, building or even create new interior architectural features. Which is why we created two types of services whether you are renting or you are owning a house, you can always enjoy from our services. Our full interior design takes care of every detail such as furniture placement, details and accessories. This type of desig. The space we have, and works with it.

On the other hand, we have the renovation and construction design. This is a permanent part of any design project. This includes renovation, interior architectural features, change or even demolish walls or anything that needed to get that change and that new style to the house. Many times we hop on a house for so long, that we just want to add some new water features. Lucky for you we are the best at doing so. According to my listening to your style, wants and needs were going to pick out the best elements for walls and flooring that will be more of fear tastes.

If you’re interested in our services, or want to see our extensive portfolio with the work that we have done you can visit our website hartwhiteinteriors.com. You can also start your design project by going to our website and filling out your contact information and we will be contacting you soon. If you want to talk to our professionals you can also call to our phone number 828-310-0340. Will be glad to hear from you and answer any questions or concerns that you might have.