We are an interior designer Charlotte NC where building and designing is our passion. Kirsten Hart White, was a student on use to practice interior design for fun. She gained her degree from Western Carolina University where she major in interior design and architecture. Nowadays, she has make sure it to equip her company with the best professionals of men and women from all over the world. We are the best company that you could use when it comes to designing your house, because we offer a very smooth operation with an easy project flow. The company we are passionate about bringing style and value to know only the rooms that we transform, but the change that the clients need. It is gratifying to you see the gray results of a plant project that has come to life. As a design firm we are gratified to say that I am part of the creative process of many of our customers.

As an interior designer Charlotte NC, but we would like to describe what designing room is, it’s all about layering. We are able to layer a room with designs, furniture and even parts that bring a design to come together into life. We have set ourselves out call the opinion of our project, we not only want you to love the results but we also want you to love us. Creating a designing a room can be somewhat stressful with out the right help. Which is why when only want to provide the best service, but we also want you to fall in love with the process and times it took the project. Every design starts with a vision. And those were passionate executed and bring it into a concept that becomes a work of art and comes to life. Our company is all about details, so you can expect a professional work from our end.

Why choose us as your interior designer Charlotte NC? Our company on this comes up first, which comes from the discovery stage of planning. We don’t want to get a work, we wanted to be a pitiful work that you and your family will enjoy. Our designs are made to improve and enlighten a room that will make it look different. Two. The most professional work that weekend, we stayed in to the latest trends, style, changing color palettes and technology. Our professionals are trained and the international home furnishings market in High Point, North Carolina twice each year. This only helps our professionals to get train but also expand our resources and contacts.

We have different types of services, no matter what your needs are were here to cover them. Whether you are renting a place and need a simple interior design, to owning a house and having a complete makeover of it or even if it’s just color consultation; we guarantee that this will make the change that your house needs. Our full interior design service, is for those who do not want to change a room and want to work with what they have. Meaning that we accommodate furniture, accessories, arts taking in consideration the space that it is being provided. Renovation and construction design is about bringing something new by removing something that was there. Our color consultation, speaks for itself. We believe the colors are a big part of the world. We analyze colors, the combinations and the effect that can have in a temperature and what feelings that color will create in people.

If you’re interested in our services or want to know more about us feel free to go to our website hartwhiteinteriors.com. We also offer an extensive portfolio of all of our work, so you can familiarize with our design. If you want to contact our professionals directly you can also call our phone number 828-310-0340. We will be glad to hear back from you and answer any questions or concerns that you might have.

Why Are These Interior Designer Charlotte Nc People So Exceptional?


Hart White Interiors is Interior Designer Charlotte Nc that brings a full service of interior design. We serve clients from all over around the world, but the best professionals that train every year at the to provide the best service that you can imagine. We are a firm that is highly passionate about designing. That is why we like to give the best service to our customers. Our packages can be customized based on your design goals, but did and even the availability of the property that you have. We start with a consultation, you are going to be listened. You’re going to get to say and even get what desire to bring your dream house into life.

Our first Interior Designer Charlotte Nc is the full interior design service. For the service we are completely aware of the scale of the interior spaces. In other words we try to work with the space we are being provided, by giving a different touch and turning it into a whole new room. You would be surprised how the difference from details and accessories to the location of furniture can have a dramatic change in the room. For this process we considered the measure of your group, so that we do not over saturate and looked at the balance as we can. We’re going to add that final and magical touch that your house need, by accessorizing with the best in high-quality elements. I will work is a one-on-one with clients, meaning that we’ll listen to the ideas that you provide, since we want that you would be proud whenever you get to your house.

Our second interior designer at Charlotte NC is the renovation and new construction design. This is a more dramatic change to your house, is it any includes renovation, interior architectural features, change or even demolishing a bolt. The reason why we do this is because many people have on their houses for a long time and want to give that mother and talks to their house. We take care from the fluorine, walls to the light and security in order to enhance the appearance of your house. We work with clients, builders and the contractures. We do the projects from just one road to creating and renovating a whole Interior Designer Charlotte Nc house. The reason why we do this is because we believe that we can enhance a space by providing a different layout.

Lastly, we have our color consultation service. Which is just that it helps you to choose the best colorthat will go a long with your furniture and decorations that you already own. When we are doing this consultation we take in consideration the analysis of the colors, the combination of colors with your furniture and the effects of color of temperature in a room or even the feelings that it will create and only about your gas.

If you’re interested in our services you can feel free to go through our portfolio and our website hartwhiteinteriors.com. If you’re ready to start a project with us you can provide your information so we can contact you. If you want to talk directly to our professionals you can also contact our phone number 828-310-0340. Will be glad to hear back from you and answer any questions or concerns that you might have. We’re here to fulfill the your dream and your vision into life.